Crypto-Friendly Jurisdictions

Over the last few years, jurisdictions around the world have rushed to establish legal frameworks for cryptocurrency and blockchain. Given the potential for crypto to disrupt a country’s financial system and monetary policies, governments have taken varying approaches.

Some countries immediately tried to ban the use of cryptocurrencies and crack down on crypto mining and other related activities. Meanwhile, others saw the tremendous opportunities in crypto and have welcomed crypto exchanges and projects to their shores with open arms.

In this section, we focus on the most crypto-friendly jurisdictions in the world, sifting through the claims to find the jurisdictions that truly offer the best business environment for crypto projects.

Our focus is on the ease of starting a crypto business in a jurisdiction, the clarity of its regulatory framework for crypto, tax requirements, and access to banking for crypto projects. We also cover some of the least crypto-friendly jurisdictions and the dangers of doing business or trading within their borders.

Malta: Blockchain’s Island Haven

Malta: Blockchain’s Island Haven

From the Game of Thrones to Gladiator, Malta has repeatedly been the backdrop for some of the most epic stories in film history. This should